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Where The Watermelons Grow

by Nik Field

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Ruby Falls 04:43
Come with me down to Ruby Falls I’ll bring the wine and you wear your overalls They’ll come off with the snap of a button We’ll swim in the nude and catch some lunch In the river at the bottom of Ruby Falls All the little fish will nibble at our toes As we wade in to the murky shallows We’ll cast our lines and mine’ll get caught in a tree We’ll spend the afternoon trying to unhook me Come with me down to Ruby Falls I’ll show you the fort I built when I was barely tall enough To reach the first branch of the best climbing tree you can dream of Then the boards will creak and my whole world will reach the ground Well I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m just going to wait Down by the water where I can clean my feet There’s a couple of scrapes that went pretty deep But I’m fine, I’m fine, as long as you’re next to me All I really need is a kiss on the cheek Come with me down to Ruby Falls Come with me down to Ruby Falls I’ll bring the wine If you wear your overalls Down at Ruby Falls Oh Ruby Falls
Oh Susannah won't you come find me I'm stranded just past that rocky peak In a grove of trees Wondering where I’m going to sleep Like a pig in mud I was sitting tight Wondering where I was gonna stay the night So I grabbed the hair by my chinny chin chin Made a house out of bricks Well the big bad wolf came knocking still Asking me nice if I had seen a girl She’s been around for quite some time She’s the last suspect in a long line Let me tell you about little red She was born by the river, baby’s parents were dead Last seen by the railroad tracks Dinah chased her down but only found a basket Full of currants and sour cherries, bumble, black, and raspberries She’s the big red hood and she’s planning a scheme She’s the mastermind of illegal trafficking I haven’t spied with my little eye Anything that meets a description of that kind May I ask what she’s transporting She’s got the best damn pies in South Mountain She’s faster than the gingerbread man Jack’s not quite as nimble as She can be when she’s jumping the moon The cow’s been depressed and the dish and spoon Ain’t never going to be like they used to Have we lost our minds like the nursery rhymes That we don’t sing anymore
Down by the bay Where the watermelons grow Next to my home, I dare not go For if I do, my mother will say Don't you ever go down there again The vines will get you and you'll have to live Refrain Why'd he have to leave so soon Why oh why did it have to be this way Refrain You'll have to become the man of the house A lot sooner than we thought you'd have to be Refrain I'm sorry I had to leave so soon I'm so sorry that it had to be this way Refrain and first verse
The rooster said to the hen When you lay your eggs I'll protect them Don't lay them in the farmers coup I've found a spot next to the fox’s den I know it sounds crazy But trust me just this once They'll never suspect a thing And if they do I'll eat them for lunch Well the hen said back to the rooster, “I'll lay my eggs wherever I want to Don't tell me how to be a mother Until your feathers are white and you're silent at sunrise Oh you've got a lot to learn But I love you and your morning song Don't tell me what to do They're my eggs and I get to choose.” So the rooster said back to the hen, “Remember that time we got lost in the barn You were sure you knew the way But I had to call out for the farmer’s help I don't doubt that you know this time But I care too much not to speak my mind If I didn't say a thing I'd regret it for the rest of my life.” The hen yelled back at the rooster, “Now I see what you're really after If I'm wrong you'll say I told you so And from now on I should just follow you But mister rooster we're a team And if I'm wrong then you're wrong with me We're not young if there's a mess to clean We don't say, “Well it wasn't me.” I know it sounds crazy But trust me just this once Their my eggs and I get to choose Which baskets they fit into
My heart is like a broken cupboard in the kitchen Not meant to be opened very often, use caution But from time to time I find I feel young again Now and then you meet someone worth Lettin in to the broken cupboard in the kitchen Where you hid away some photographs A candle you made for a craft And a few cigarettes you still have left You didn't smoke very long but you're frugal so you kept them For a rainy day when the clouds are grey And you wish your breath could match the way you're feelin Like a lazy, hazy, shade of freedom You sit around your old creaky house Waiting for that old familiar sound Of aging hospitality shifting in your bones It may be the wind but I think it's my toes Curling underneath me, colder than the floor beneath me I hope that we can become a fire in the chimney And Everett and Lilly can grow up in a cabin the woods And there'll be a shack out back where we can dry herbs There we'll hang a sign that reads, “Never Enough Thyme,” Because I once took a drive and saw something I thought you’d like
I went for a ride and what did I find But a little red bath tub that held onto my mind It's all I ever wanted To be left alone and kept warm As I grew up I was covered in dust The world was dry and my skin was roughed up I'd never seen something I couldn't believe I'd finally bathe and be clean Bled by medieval healing In the darkness I found myself Scratching at the roof of an itchy mouth That never dissipated Forever I'd be a slave, hidden beneath the words I won't say.
In the evening, In the evening Mama, when the sun goes down In the evening Mama, when the sun goes down Ain't it lonesome, Ain't it lonesome When your baby's not around When the sun goes down Well, last night I lay sleepin' I was thinking to myself Well, last night I lay sleepin' I was thinking to myself I was wonderin' why the one that you love Would mistreat you for someone else When the sun goes down The sun rises in the east All day long gives the light The sun rises in the east baby And all day long it gives the light Well, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell Which woman will treat you right When the sun goes down So, goodbye old sweetheart and friends Yes, I'm going away But I'll be back to see you again Some old rainy day In the evening, In the evening When I leave this town When the sun goes down In the evening, In the evening mama When the sun goes down In the evening Mama, when the sun goes down Ain't it lonesome, Ain't it lonesome When your baby's not around When the sun goes down


A dusty church room in Chinatown, cozy apartments, poutine and gear hunting through the bustling streets of Montreal. Nik Field’s debut solo album Where the Watermelons Grow brings together the sights, sounds and familiar faces that have defined him as a songwriter. Influences of John Prine, Paul Simon, early Tom Waits, and traditional folk music inspire this diverse set of original songs, each with a compelling story to tell. Where the Watermelons Grow is self-produced, recorded and mixed, and is as honest as they come.


released April 15, 2017

Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Nik Field
Harmony, Acoustic Guitar, Long Neck Banjo - Trevor Pool
Bass, Piano, Electric Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin - Ben Nesrallah
Percussion - Dylan Gowans
Harmonica - Sal Valley

All songs written by Nik Field
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Nik Field in various small rooms
Mastered by Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa, ON
Artwork by Kailey Doogan
Photograph by Trevor Pool

Many, many thanks are due. To the old and new friends who helped make this album, to my family for supporting my music and choices, to the folks at open-mics and shows who felt compelled to say nice things, and to a little bird.


all rights reserved



Nik Field Ottawa, Ontario

Nik Field brings back the heart of the traditional folk song, knitting it together with engaging melodies, and reviving it with modern sounds.

His seven years of performing and recording have taken him from his hometown of Ottawa to Montreal and have landed him in Halifax, where he currently resides.

In April of 2017, Nik released his debut album Where The Watermelons Grow.
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